Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact – Which is better?

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Mailchimp at a Glance

Thoroughful, detailed and easily digestible reporting​.

Great Forever Free Plan. Paid plan cheaper with more features than Constant Contact.

Many more features with Mailchimp than with Constant Contact​

Constant Contact at a Glance

Best Email Delivery rate

Amazing Support. Especially Phone Support is awesome

Simple and easy to use software

Pros and cons of using Mailchimp or Constant Contact

Choose Mailchimp If...

CHOOSE Constant Contact IF...

When to use MailChimp

Mailchimp is made for Email Marketing beginners who wants an easy to use interface with a very good newsletter drag and drop builder and rich text editor to easy and quickly create good Emails.

It’s made for Businesses who wants proper tracking and reporting and where integrations are important.

It’s also made for Solo Entrepreneurs or Small Businesses who just occacionally need to send Emails to their list for free. With their Free Forever Plan it’s good enough to send Emails to your audience.

Mailchimp is much more made for international customers than Constant Contact due to the fact that internationalization and form translation is solved really well and in most languages of the world there is some sort of translation of form fields and more available.

Even for people who wants to use one platform for all their Marketing activities, Mailchimp is trying to fullfill this need by offering landing pages, websites, CRM, Signup forms, Ads creations and many more.

Thought often the single features are better with specialized tools, it can be an option to use Mailchimps many features to use as the main marketing activity platform.

When to use Constant Contact

Constant Contact is made for Solopreneurs, Small Business owners and marketing managers who need an simple and easy to use interface with good customer service and high Email Delivery rate.

The Software doesn’t come with a lot of features and by doing so its easy to manage but often enough a bit limited in your options.

If you don’t want to deal with all the possibilities of Email Marketing but rather want to focus on the core – to send proper Emails – this is the right Software for you.

Amazing is the customer support. Especially the phone support is really good. You can feel that the customer support really wants to make you happy and they are always trying to improve their customer service.

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact: Ease of use

Both Mailchimp as well as Constant Contact offer a really good user interface. Most things are intuitive and easy to find and it’s easy and fast to create your first Email Marketing Campaign.

One of the major differences is that Mailchimp has way more features than Constant Contact and by having more options it’s a bit more difficult to find all setting within Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has a great SignUp and Onboarding Process – one of the best in the industry. While Constant Contacts SignUp process is even easier and fast but onboarding is a bit worse than with Mailchimp.

Using Mailchimp the first time and you go through a step-by-step process where at the end of the process you instantly can send your first Email Campaign.

Mailchimps current design looks decent while the Design of Constant Contact looks a bit oldfashined.

In general the navigation is slightly better with Constant Contact because there is less options so it’s easier to find all settings.

While Mailchimp with all the extra features made a really good job in making the navigation in a way that most things are easy to find.

Ease of use Summary

There is no clear winner when it comes to ease of use. Both Email Marketing Services do an excellent job in being very beginner friendly.

Mailchimp is better, because...

Constant Contact is better, because...

Ease of Use 25% 7.9 7.8

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact: Features

Mailchimp has way more features than Constant Contact. Let’s dig deep into the differences of Mailchimps and Constant Contacts features.

Newsletter Editor - Setting Up an Email Marketing Campaign

Mailchimp has an excellent Drag and drop editor to easily create an Email. It comes with a lot of different layouts and 100+ decent looking Email templates.

Constant Contact also has a great drag and drop editor with more than 100+ good looking Email templates.

What differs is the Rich Text editor. Mailchimps Rich Text editor has everything to offer you ever need to write proper Emails. While Constant Contacts Rich text editor is a bit basic and offer on a basic level what you need. But not more.

Another difference is that Mailchimp offer an built in Image Editor. So you can edit an Image within Mailchimps editor without using Photoshop or similar. And this image editor has a lot of power and everything you need to create good looking images for your Email campaign.

On the other hand offers Constant Contact an image library so you can choose images for your Email marketing campaign within the editor.


Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Newsletter Creation 10% 7.7 7.1

Email Marketing automation

Both Mailchimp as well as Constant Contact offers in the paid version Marketing Automation. Both tools are missing an visual workflow editor.

Beside these two similarities there are big differences.

Mailchimp offer the much more advanced Email automation settings. Constant Contact has more limited trigger points and even an if/then logic is missing.

Mailchimp has more prebuilt autoresponders like welcome, thank you, birthday and many more autoresponders while Constant Contacts prebuild autoresponders are more limited and basically just Email templates (which are not even great looking).

Be aware that the Forever Free Plan with Mailchimp does not offer Email Marketing Automation and first with the paid Standard plan it really get interesting.

We definitely miss on both Email Tool Services the option of a real visual workflow builder to proper understand and optimize campaigns.

If you want to do proper Email Marketing Automation we do not recommend any of the two Email Marketing Services. Instead check out [Service].

But comparing both Email Software between each other Mailchimp is the clear winner because it offers more options.

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Email Automation 18% 4.3 2.8

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split testing is important and makes sense when you have a bigger list and want to test which subject line etc. lead to a higher open and clickrate.

While A/B Split testing with Mailchimp is by far not as great as it could be it outperforms Constant Contact a lot.

The reason is that the default “Email” Plan with Constant Contact does not offer A/B Split testing while the “Email Plus” plan offers only one Subject line A/B Split testing option. This means you can only split test one single subject line when sending your Emails to your audience.

On the other hand offers Mailchimp Subject line, “From” name, send time and Email content split testing. That’s a lot of options to choose from and is by far better than Constant Contact.

Only when you have the Forever Free Plan of Mailchimp it does not offer any A/B split-testing.

Both with Mailchimp as well as with Constant Contact it’s easy to find the A/B split testing options.

Mailchimp is the clear winner.

Not because their Split-testing options are great. They are missing Email Automation splittesting etc. But because Constant Contacts A/B split testing options are very limited and awful

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

A/B Split Testing 10% 4.9 1.3

Email Delivery

Both Mailchimp as well as Constant Contact have a pretty good Email Delivery rate. Thought Constant Contact have a better Email delivery rate than Mailchimp. If that’s important to you we recommend Constant Contact.

Both Email Marketing Services offers custom domain and DKIM verification so you can use your own domain to send Emails from. On both sides the process to verify your own domain are easy to do.

But Constant Contact is better here because you can also send Emails via their own domain with a very high delivery rate and high Spam reputation.

On the other hand offers Mailchimp more options to optimize your delivery and opening rate. Only when it comes to the feature of resending an Email again to non-openers, Constant Contact is better and easier to use.

CAN-SPAM compliance on the other hand is slightly better setup with Mailchimp with their optimized on CAN-SPAM Onboarding process and settings.

Finally if you have problems with e.g. domain verification or other settings to optimize your delivery rate the customer service is way better with Constant Contact and their award winning phone support.

At the end of the day Email delivery rate matters most.

And Constant Contact is better than Mailchimp here. Mailchimp does have more options to optimize your delivery rate, but over all Constant Contact wins this section. In worst case you call them and they will help you out.

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Email Delivery 10% 3.8 2.7

SignUp Forms

Mailchimp and Constant Contact offers both signup forms like pop-up forms and embedded forms. It’s limited what both Email Service Providers offers so if you want to use better SignUp forms we recommend to use 3rd party services like Thrive Leads or OptinMonster.

When it comes down to customization of the signup forms Mailchimp outperforms Constant Contact by far. You can customize much more with Mailchimp than with Constant Contact.

You can customize form fields, design and elements way more with Mailchimp. Even translations into other languages are solved way better in Mailchimp.

Constant Contact is available in 11 languages. Mainly European languages. You have to switch to another language to have the form field in another language.

While with Mailchimp you can either choose what Mailchimp offers as default translation of form fields like “First Name” – or you can customize any form field in the way you want it to be.

With Mailchimp you can customize the unsubscribe landing page, Email  and quiz why people unsubscribe while on Constant Contact everything is premade and you can’t change anything the way you want.

In general we recommend to use 3rd party lead generation tools like Thrive Leads or OptinMonster. But when it comes down to customization of signup forms, unsubscribe forms, welcome Emails etc. Mailchimp is by far the better choice and a clear winner here.

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

SignUp Forms 10% 6.1 3.3

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting get more sophisticated as higher pricing plans you choose with Mailchimp.

Constant Contact offer basic tracking and reporting with opening rates, click rates and device reporting. It’s okay for most cases.

Mailchimp on the other hand goes beyond basic reporting and offers advanced reporting with geo tracking and predicts demographics like gender. You get way more informations from your audience through Mailchimps reporting tab.

E-commerce tracking is easier to setup and use with Mailchimp. And you can filter and customize more with Mailchimp.

Both Mailchimp as well as Constant Contact are missing heat maps, session replays, domain reputation or spam diagnostics – advanced features you can only get with 3rd parties.

Mailchimps thoroughful reporting is better than Constant Constants basic reporting and is the clear winner. When you pay for Mailchimp you get good analytics for your Email Marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Tracking & Reporting 10% 6.9 2.3

Integrations & Add-Ons (Extras)

Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact offers a great selection of integrations.

Because both Mailchimp and Constant Contanct are two of the most known and reputatiable brands in the industry a lot of 3rd partie softwares have good integrations to both Email Marketing Tools.

There is no huge different between them. Both have hundreds of integrations available including important onces like Facebook, Google or Zapier integrations.

Constant Contact thought is better in integrations of shopsystems like shopify or woocommerce.

Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact are leaders in the industry when int comes down to integrations.

Because Constant Contact have a bit better integrations to shopsystems like shopify or Woo Commerce they are the slightly winner above Mailchimp in this category

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Integrations 10% 6.9 7.4

Further Feature

Constant Contact is a basic Email Marketing Service who offers an easy to use interface and you can use it to send Email with a high delivery rate.

On the other hand offers Mailchimp way more and are trying to present themselves as a Marketing Platform.

Beside of sending Email Marketing Campaigns you can create landing pages, websites, Ads, Customer Polls and survey and even Postcard creation and sending with Mailchimp. Also a CRM is included.

Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp have a WordPress Plugin and App or SignUp Forms.

If you just want to send Email Marketing Campaigns with high delivery rates then Constant Contact is good enough. Because Mailchimp offers more and more features of a Marketing Platform you can choose many more features than with Constant Contact. Mailchimp is the clear winner here.

Features Summary of Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an excellent choice if you want to send Email campaigns without an overwhelming amount of choices.

It’s kept simple without many choices and options.

By doing so they limit themselves and in many situations in this Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact comparison they are not the winner, because they choose to keep it simple without overwhelming a user with too many choices.

On the other side Mailchimp offer themselves as a Marketing Platform with many different plans and much more choices.

Even thought in many cases Mailchimp does not offer the best results it outperforms Constant Contact in many categories.

Not because Mailchimp is best, but because Constant Contact focus on very few categories where they excel.

Mailchimp is better, because

Constant Contact is better, because

Features 25% 5.7 3.4

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact: Support & Customer Service

Mailchimp does not offer any support in their Forever Free Plan except for Email support the first 30 days.

Even when you choose a paid plan they only offer Email or Live Chat support. Only when you select their expensive Premium plan you get phone support.

At least their knowledge base is pretty good and in the user interface a lot of questions get answered by linking to the right knowledge base article.

On the other hand offers Constant Contact Phone, Email and Live Chat support right from the beginning.

Their phone support is one of the best in the industry and you really feel like customer support representatives really wants to help you out.

Support & Customer Service Summary

If you want to have a good customer support Constant Contact is by far the better choice. They have one of the best customer support in the industry and phone support is highly recommened.

Mailchimp is better, because...

Constant Contact is better, because...

Customer Support 25% 4.6 6.3

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact: Pricing

Mailchimp comes with 5 different pricing plans. One free plan, 3 paid plans and one pay as you go plan.

While Constant Contact offer two paid plans which can be tested 60 days for free.

You can pay with credit card, paypal on both sites, while Mailchimp offers additional countryspecific payment options like bank transfer and Constant Contact offers additional e-checks as payment method.


Mailchimp’s Forever Free Plan

Forever Free Plan is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12.000 Emails (2000 per 24h) per month. It’s great for Solopreneurs and small businesses who have a small audience and only occacionally need to send Emails.

Because it lacks Email Marketing Automation, A/B splittesting and other features it’s not recommended if you seriously want to do Email Marketing.


Mailchimps Essential Plan

Mailchimps Essential plan is the cheapest option – starting at 9.95$. It offers basic Email Marketing Automation and A/B splittesting but lacks Email delivery optimization options, has limited segmentation options and no phone support.


Mailchimps Standard Plan

If you choose a paid plan from Mailchimp we recommend the Standard Plan starting at 14.95$. It offers full Email Marketing Automation, A/B Splittesting and all available Email delivery optimization option. It has pretty much everything you need except for phone support and smaller advanced features which only makes sense when you have a huge Email list.


Mailchimps Premium Plan

Mailchimps Premium starts at 299$ and is the most expensive plan. It offers phone support and everything else you can get from the Standard Plan. Here it has some few extra features for big Email lists like multivariant A/B splittesting or advanced segmentation. Unless you have a very big Email list or need phone support it’s not needed and recommended.


Constant Contact Email Plan

The standard plan from Constant Contact starts at 20$ per month and can be tested for 60 days.

It offers most of what you need like a great Email Newsletter editor, Email Marketing automation, a high Email delivery, great integrations, signup forms a basic reporting and their amazing customer support.

What we miss is A/B splittesting and the options to additional option like adding coupons, survey or polls and to use it with other users.


Constant Contact Email Plus Plan

The Email Plus Plan from Constant Contact starts at 40$ / month and offers everything from Constant Contact including A/B splittesting (thought limited) and delivery optimization options like resend to non-openers.

We recommend to use this Plan rather than the Email Plan because you want to use the options available here. The software is basic anyway and not so sophisticated so you want to be able to use all options.

Pricing Summary

Mailchimp offers more pricing plans. Their forever free plan is recommended if you only want to send occacionally to a small audience Emails.

Constant Contact keeps everything simple. Also their pricing plan.

Even thought Mailchimps pricing plan is not the cheapest in the industry Constant Contact is one of the more expensive plans and costs more than Mailchimp.

The reason might be because they offer excellent customer service. If you want to have the cheapest option with even more features available then go for Mailchimp.

If you want to pay a bit extra for amazing customer service and options limited to what you really need than rather choose Constant Contact.

Mailchimp is better, because...

Constant Contact is better, because...

Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact: Final Summary

Mailchimp is the overall winner in this comparison between Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Mailchimp have better Email Marketing Automation, better A/B Splittesting, the signup and unsubscribe forms are more customizable and flexible and can be translated easily in different languages.

Constant Contact on the other site focus on being excellent in a few disciplines.

Maybe the most important onces.

Their Email delivery rate is one of the best in the industry, their Customer support with their excellent phone support also deserve the label worldclasss and they have great integrations with a lot of services incl. shopsystems like shopify or woo commerce.

Overall it’s a choice for you between Mailchimp as a Marketing Platform with a lot of options and choices and therefore get better results in this test.

Comparing to Constant Contact who by choice limit a lot of option to what you really need and instead excel in maybe the most important disciplines like Email delivery rate, user friendliness and Customer support.

Ease of Use 25% 7.9 7.8
Features 25% 5.7 3.3
Newsletter Creation 10% 7.7 7.1
Email Automation 18% 4.3 2.8
A/B Split Testing 10% 4.9 N/A
Email Delivery 10% 3.8 2.1
List Management 10% 7.9 5.5
SignUp Forms 10% 6.1 3.3
Tracking & Reporting 10% 6.9 2.3
E-Commerce 7% 2 N/A
Account, Security & GDPR 5% 8.5 N/A
Integrations 10% 6.9 7.4
Languages 0%
Further Features 0%
Customer Support 25% 4.6 6.3
Pricing 25% 7 N/A
Overall Rating
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