Mailchimp Pricing – How much does it cost?

from $10 /mo
Name Mailchimp Premium Mailchimp Standard Mailchimp Essential Mailchimp Free
Ease of Use 25% 7.9 7.9 7.9 7.9
Features 25% 5 5.7 4.2 3.3
Customer Support 25% 5.2 4.6 4.6 1.6
Pricing 25% N/A 7 N/A N/A
Overall Rating

Mailchimp Discounts

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount for nonprofits and charities.

They might even offer special discounts on special events once in a while.

Check out below if there currently are any discounts available.

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MailChimp pricing in a nutshell

- What Mailchimp pricing plan should you choose

Mailchimp has 5 different plans. One free plan, 3 paid monthly plans and one pay as you go plan.

Most people choose Mailchimp because they offer a forever free plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 12.000 Emails / month (2000 Emails per 24/h).

The Forever Free Plan is good if you don’t want to spend any money on Email Marketing Services and only need to send basic newsletters to your audience.

If you need Email Marketing in a more professional way, the Standard Plan is great, where you can do A/B Testing, advanced Email Automation, optimize your delivery rate and much more.

The biggest obstacle we miss is a visual workflow builder and limited Customer Support without phone support.

If you want a decent, beginner-friendly and easy to use Email Marketing Service, Mailchimp might be the best choice for you.

If you want to checkout pricing for your amount of subscribers click here.

Pay as you go vs. monthly subscribers

Mailchimp offers both a monthly subscriber plan as well as a pay as you go plan.

If you send on a regular basis emails then a monthly subscription plan is most likely your best option. While if you only occacionally want to send Emails the best choice is the pay as you go plan.

MailChimp monthly plans and prices

Forever Free Plan: What’s The Catch?

Subscribersup to 2,000
E-mailsup to 12,000 (or 2,000 per 24-hour period)

One of the big advantages of Mailchimp is the free plan. For no cost at all you can send up to 12.000 Emails per month to up to 2.000 Subscribers. That’s the biggest free offer in the industry of Email Marketing Services.

In the Forever Free Pricing Plan of Mailchimp you get a great Drag-and-Drop Visual Drag & Drop Editor an easy to use interface for beginners and it’s easy to send your first Emails quickly to your audience. But it’s not good enough to do professional Email Marketing because E-mail Automation, a visual workflow builder and A/B testing is missing.

Furthermore there is a limited support of only 30 days via Email. After that, if you do have any questions or problems, Mailchimp leaves you alone with their knowledge base.

Mailchimp uses their free plan to advertise themselves in the footer of your Emails. You are not able to delete the footers Mailchimp brand-badge. First when you upgrade to a paid plan, you can delete the Mailchimp Brand Badge

The free plan is limited to your first 2000 subscribers. Thought Mailchimp count every subscriber who is in any audience as one. If a subscriber is in two audience groups Mailchimp count the subscriber twice and even if you delete a subscriber, the Email Marketing Service will count the subscriber so you quickly run into the limit of 2.000 subscribers.

What you get in the
forever free plan:

What are the disadvantages in the forever free plan:

Summary Forever Free Plan

Beeing able to send up to 12.000 Emails to up to 2.000 Subscribers is sufficient for most small businesses who only need to send Emails once in a while and don’t rely on Email Marketing as one of their main marketing channel.

But if you need to do a bit more Email Marketing we recommend you to upgrade to the Standard Plan or even better switch to another service like [Services] who offer more for less money.

Essential Plan

Pricing Plan Mailchimp Essential
PriceFrom $9.99/month
Subscribers0 to 50.000 Subscribers

The essential plan is the cheapest of the 3 paid monthly plans Mailchimp offers.

In this plan it’s possible to do Email Automation. A feature which is essential to auto-send Email drip series. In general the Drip Campaigns in Mailchimp are clumsy and limited because a full visual drag workflow builder is missing.

You can finally do A/B splittesting campaigns and Splittest Subject Lines, Send-Time and more.

Furthermore you can replace Mailchimps Badge footer with your own custom branding and can better personalize your Email series.

Unfortunately you have limited Email Delivery optimization options available and it’s not so easy to optimize your Email Delivery rate. This is essential, because you want that as many subscribers as possible receive your Emails and read your message.

The pricing plan is a bit more expensive than other Email Marketing Services with similar features.

What you get in the
Essentials plan:

What are the disadvantages in the Essentials plan:

Summary Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is good for everyone who want to start out a bit more professional with Email Marketing service.

It offers on a basic level all you need to create Drip campaigns, do A/B Splittesting and much more. But if you really want to be professional about Email Marketing we recommend you the Standard Plan or switch to another Email Marketing Service like [Services], who offer more value for less money.

Standard Plan

Pricing Plan Mailchimp Standard
PriceFrom $14.99/month
Subscribers0 to 100.000 Subscribers

If you choose Mailchimp the Standard plan offers all you need to do professional Email Marketing. It has all features of Email Automation, A/B Splittesting, Email Delivery Optimization, Advanced Performance Reporting and a decend Email and Live-Chat support.

The biggest feature you might miss is a visual workflow builder to easier and faster build Email Drip campaigns.

Mailchimp has much more to offer than just send E-mails. You can create Ads, Landing Pages, use their CRM System and much more.

Comparing to other Email Marketing Services with similar Features the Mailchimp Standard Plan is a bit pricy. Check out [Services] for good alternatives.

What you get in the
Standard plan:

What are the disadvantages in the Standard plan:

Summary Standard Plan

The Standard plan offers all you need to do decent Email Marketing.

If you don’t need Phone support and you can accept that Mailchimp in general doesn’t have a visual workflow builder this is the plan of your choice.

Be aware that the plan is more expensive than similar plans in the industry.

Premium Plan

Pricing Plan Mailchimp Premium
PriceFrom $299/month
Subscribers10.000 to 200.000 Subscribers

The Premium plan is for everyone who have bigger lists and need extensive support via phone. It’s much more expensive than any other paid plan starting at 299$/month and get as expensive as 1000$ or more.

You can do advanced features like multivariant Splittesting or more advanced segmentations which makes sense once you have a big list of subscribers.

Comparing to other Email Marketing Tool Providers with similar features this is a quite expensive plan.

What you get in the
Premium plan:

What are the disadvantages in the Premium plan:

Summary Premium Plan

If you have a big list of Email Subscribers and need extensive support via phone or want to to advanced features like multivariant splittesting, you might want to choose the Premium Plan.

For everyone else the Standard Plan is sufficient or other service are better choices.

Add ons

Mailchimp offers a few add-ons on top of the subscribed plan. 

Mandrill ($20+)

Mandrill is a Mailchimp-built transactional API which sends personalized, e-commerce Emails and automated messages such as password resets, order confirmations and welcome messages. This is highly recommended if you want to use your own brand domains Email Address.

Social Profiles ($1+)

The Social Profiles add-on gathers additional public available information’s from social networks about your subscribers. By choosing this add on you can send more targeted emails based on further information’s like age, gender etc.

Social Profiles is available in the monthly plan and Pay As You Go plan, but is not available on the Forever Free Plan.

Mailchimp’s Pay as you go plan

EMAILSPrice per emailPrice in total

Mailchimp offers a prepaid pay as you go plan.

Similar principle as to a prepaid cell phone you can choose how many Emails you want to send per one-time payment.

This plan makes sense if you don’t want to send on a regular basis Emails to your Email List but just occasionally.

To choose the right Pay as you go plan here is a list of pricing plans for the pay as you go plan including how much it will cost to send a single Email.

How Does MailChimp Compare With Other Top Email Marketing Services?

As you can see, Mailchimp compares pretty well.

Final Summary about Mailchimp Pricing

MailChimp is actually one of the most expensive newsletters tools out there.

The Forever Free Plan is great if you want to start out sending your first Emails to your subscribers. If you are a small business with a short list of email contacts, it’s good enough for your needs.

Once you want to create more professional Email Drip Campaigns and want to become more professional in terms of Email Marketing you better pay for a good Email Marketing service.

If you don’t mind of the missing visual workflow builder and like the userfriendly interface we recommend you to select the Essential or even better the Standard Plan.

You might also want to check out similar Email Marketing Services like [Services] who offer cheaper plans for similar standard.

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