Huge Study:
Email Finder Software
and the industry of
finding anyone’s email address

Torge Janiesch

Best Email Finder Software and the industry of finding anyone's email address

Did you know that only 74% of email addresses are found by email finder software?

On average, 18% email addresses are not valid and will bounce and hurt your domain reputation.  

We conducted a huge study about how good email finder tools truly are and compared 16 of them – both free and paid tools. 

We wanted to find 1000 email addresses from 1000 prospects.

Then we asked the question: 

Which email finder tool finds the most email addresses? And out of those, which are truly delivering valid email addresses? 

That way you won’t get too many bounced emails from your prospects list, and you’ll reach your target leads.

The findings were very surprising.

Let’s dig deeper into the email finder industry.


Summary of Key Findings

    1. There are more than 80 email finder software out there.

    2. The average number of emails found by name and company for an email finder software is 74%.

    3. The average number of verified emails found by name and company for an email finder software is 43%.

    4. The true average number of valid email addresses for email finder software is 66%.

    5. Do not trust how many emails an email finder software can find.
      On average, the expected bounce rate for all email finder software is 18% if you choose to send an email to every email address found.

    6. Most email finder software find more valid email addresses than what they classify as “verified” email addresses.
      An email finder tool finds, on average, 55% more valid emails than what they actually verify as valid email addresses.

    7., Mailscoop by, and are the most confident in their claim that the ones they found are valid email addresses.

    8. The free tool does not find many email addresses, but when they do, you can be almost certain that it’s a valid email address.

    9.,, and find the most valid email addresses where emails at least do not bounce.

    10. Investors, online marketers, journalists, and online businesses (eCommerce and SaaS) are the easiest to find for most email finder software.

    11. Most email finder software struggles when it comes to finding the emails of Rich & Famous people, Instagram Influencers, and Small Businesses.

There is NOT ONE STOP SOLUTION when it comes to the best email finder tool out there. It will depend on your goal.

Sales & Business Development

Whether you are a salesperson or working as a business developer to target relevant leads.

If you are into sales,, and are the best.


PR Campaigns

If you want to find journalists’ email addresses for a PR campaign,,,,,, or are the best.


Startup Founder

If you are a startup and want to find investors or business angels,

your best choice is,, or


Recruiter / HR

You are a recruiter or in Human Resources and want to find the next suitable candidate for a job offer.

The best email finder software for that are or


Content Marketing & Link Building

If you do content promotion to other relevant bloggers or editors in your niche.

Or you want to reach out to fellow online marketers.

You should consider,, or


Charity Foundations

You have a charity concept and want to have funding from bigger charity foundations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and need the contact information of your prospects.,,, or are the best to find email addresses.


Finding rich and famous people’s email address

If you want to do Influencer Marketing we do not recommend using email finder software to get in touch with Influencers.

Should you ever want to get in touch with rich and famous people… Good luck. Email Finder Software won’t help much.

3 Different ways to use Email Finder Software

There are 3 main features of email finder software:

Email Finder Tool Industry Overview

Email Finder by Name/URL

Email Finder Software finds emails through names and/or the company’s website. They are useful if you know your prospect’s name and/or the company you want to reach out to.


LinkedIn Email Finder

LinkedIn Email Finder collects emails while you are surfing through LinkedIn.

That’s usually a chrome plugin where you can save prospects to your outreach list on the go.


B2B Email Database

B2B Email Databases is like having a huge database on business email addresses with plenty of data enrichments so you can search specifically for job titles, industries, or locations you want to target for your outreach campaign.

Most email finder software offer more than one of these main 3 categories. Some tools even offer all of them.


This study focuses on Email Finder Tools with Name + URL

This study focuses mainly on the classic email finder software where you usually have a list of names + companies and need to find their email address.

The average email addresses found are at 74%, but only 66% were valid email addresses

Average Email Addresses Found by Email Finder Tools

In our study, we looked into all 16 email finder software and found that on average an email finder tool finds 744 out of 1000 email addresses or 74%.

Every email finder software has a built-in email verification tool. While on average 744 emails were found, only 431 or 43% of them are classified as verified email addresses.

We did not trust these numbers. So we then sent an email to each email address we found to see if we got a hard bounce or if the email got delivered.

This is what we call the true valid email addresses.

That’s on average 663 of 1000 emails or 66%.

Different Email Finder software find different email addresses. On average 3.24 emails per prospect - Who do you trust?

Different Email Address Found By Email Finder Tools

We wanted to have 1000 email addresses for 1000 prospects. What we got were 3241 different email addresses in total from 16 different email finder tools. 

That’s on average 3.24 emails per prospect. 

Best case scenario, all email finder tools agree and find one valid email address for one prospect.

Worst case scenario, 16 email finder tools find 9 different email addresses for one prospect.

That’s a huge problem. Which email finder software do you trust if – depending on who you ask – it will give you a different answer and a different email address?!

A difficult example is finding the email address of Jeff Bezos from Amazon.

Whereas and think it’s, thinks it’s & co is sure it’s and states it’s While says it’s and where at least says “We don’t know” and didn’t find any email address.

Jeff Bezos from AmazonEmail Finder Tool & & &, & Mailscoop & &


Which email finder tool do you trust?

The truth is: They are all both right and wrong. 


Let’s dig a bit deeper into it.

Catch-all vs. Verified emails

Some companies do have something called a catch-all (also called accept-all) email server.

This means that any email gets accepted. Regardless of whether you send an email to or

But you will never know if the email really reached the right person or if it gets redirected to a spam folder email address like unknown@, where your email address rottens between all the other hundreds of emails that tried to contact that specific person.

The good thing about a catch-all email address is that you do not get a hard bounce and your domain reputation does not suffer.

The bad part of a catch-all email address is that you don’t know if your prospect really got your email and didn’t answer it because they didn’t want to or if they never received your email.

For our study, it’s important to understand that neither we nor an email finder software or any email verification tool can tell you with 100% certainty if an email really reached a person unless said person replies.

We can tell you which email addresses got a hard bounce and for sure didn’t get delivered. 

This is a more precise result than based on email verification measurements like Domain Validation, MX Record Check, or SMTP Authentication estimate if an email is valid or not.

Best performing email finder tool

Best Performing Email Finder Software

This graph shows the number of emails found for each of the email finder software tested. and are the only email finder tools that find 100% of the email addresses.

Whereas the free tool from is only able to find around half of the emails. Exactly 501 out of 1000 email addresses.

How many verified email addresses email finder software find differ a lot from the total number of emails found

Verified emails by email finder tool

This graph shows how certain the different email finder software are compared to how many they can find. is pretty confident that every email address they find is correct.

Whereas finds every email address but is not so sure if they really are valid. is the least certain if an email address is valid or not.

We didn’t trust these numbers too much because they are very diverse. 

So we then sent an email to each email address found.

The results are… shocking.

The best true performing email finder software

True Verified Email Addresses

This graph shows the number of emails found (dark blue) compared to what the email finder software are confident that are verified email addresses (light blue).

This also shows the data compared and sorted by true valid email addresses from the email finder software. 

True email addresses are email addresses that did not hard bounce. Though it’s possible they can be catch-all email addresses., and find the most valid email addresses where emails at least do not bounce. and the free tools Mailscoop by and by find the least valid email addresses.

The problem with bounce rates in cold email campaigns

The gap between found email addresses and true email addresses leads to a serious problem while doing cold email outreach: Bounce rates.

Too many hard bounces in an email campaign can have a lot of negative effects:

    1. It’s very likely that your domain reputation will decrease and more and more email providers will mark your emails as spam.
    2. You might end up on a blacklist as a spammer and none of your leads will get an email. 
    3. Your CRM Provider or Email Marketing Service might stop you from sending further emails because they are worried that their reputation will suffer.
Bounced Email for CRM

We faced this problem (here with’s “Email Drip Campaigns” Feature) when we tried to reach out to all the emails found by that email finder software.

A great bounce rate is below 2%.

A bounce rate of 5% or higher might hurt your domain reputation.

A bounce rate of 15% or higher and you can almost be sure that the CRM provider will stop your campaigns and it will hurt your domain reputation.

On average, the expected bounce rate for all email finder software is 18%.

It is not only important to find the most number of emails, but also the most valid emails.

What you can do about this issue is to only choose verified email addresses from the email finder tools.

Some email finder tools try to solve this issue by giving each email address a confidence score from 1-100 or from red to green.,,, or have such features.

You may then only select the leads where the email finder software is confident enough by giving the email a decent score of e.g. 80% or higher. 

The most truthful email finder tool

Truthful Email Finder Tools and find an email address for every prospect, but the gap between a found email address and a valid email address is huge with 37% and 34%.

But also other email finder software like,,, or cause many hard bounces.,, and will deliver the least hard-bouncing email addresses. 

What we noticed is that these email finder software are the companies with some of the lowest number of email addresses found. 

It seems like they are “honest” about the emails they find that are not a good guess, but rather mostly qualified leads.

Email Finder Results for different purposes

We did not only try to randomly find 1000 email addresses but decided to separate them into different categories.

Topics studied

      • Sales – CEOs of Small Businesses and Brick & Mortar Businesses
      • Sales – CEOs of Ecommerce & SaaS companies
      • Journalists for PR campaigns
      • Investors & Business Angels for Startup Funding
      • Recruitment / HR
      • Editors & Bloggers for Content Outreach
      • Marketing Gurus for fellow marketers, link building, etc.
      • Charity Foundations for fundraising of charity projects
      • Instagram Influencers for Influencer MarketingRich & Famous people out of curiosity
Average email addresses found by category

Investors, online marketers, journalists, and online businesses (eCommerce and SaaS) are the easiest to find for most email finder software.

Whereas the email addresses of Rich & Famous people are hard to find.

Surprisingly, the email addresses of Instagram Influencers as well as small businesses are hard to find.

Our guess is that rich & famous people try to not be too public and avoid having accessible email addresses because many people want their attention. 

Whereas Instagram influencers and small businesses tend to have small websites which might not be in any big B2B Email Database, or where a crawler hasn’t visited their website yet to search for email addresses.

Finding emails for Sales & Business Development

Find Emails for Sales - Email Finder Tools

Sales is very diverse. 

There are so many use cases where sales need the contact information of their prospects to reach out to.

We decided to focus as an example on 4 categories: Small Businesses, Brick & Mortar Businesses, eCommerce and SaaS.

And tried to find 50 email addresses of the CEO of a company within these 4 categories.

Read more about the details here.

If you are into sales or business development the most valid emails found were using,, and

Whereas,, and by had the most difficulties to find email addresses. Mainly for Brick & mortar and small businesses.

Finding emails of journalists for PR campaigns

Finding journalists email address

We tried to find 100 different emails from 100 different newspapers with a focus on big, known national newspapers like The New York Times, Forbes, or CNN  and tech-related news sites like Wired, TechCrunch, or Mashable.

In general, all email finder tools are pretty good at finding journalists’ email addresses.

The best software to use for finding email addresses from journalists are,,,,, and

At the bottom, with the lowest number of emails found are the french company and the free tool

Finding emails of Startup Investors & Business Angels to raise money

Findig email address of investors

We tried to find 100 emails from some of the 100 most known investors & business angels from investment firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, or Accel.

In general, most email finder companies deliver great results when it comes to finding startup investors.

The best are,, or and the free tool Mailscoop by CultivatedCulture deliver the least number of email addresses.

Finding emails on LinkedIn & Co. for Recruitment and HR

Finding email address for recruitment

We wanted to know which email finder software finds the correct email address of people who work in highly demanding jobs like Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, or Information Security Analysts.

Of the 100 prospects we tried to find, and delivered great results.

Most of the email finder tools also did a great job here.

The only email finder software that stands out because of its limited results is the free tool

Finding emails of bloggers and editors for content promotion

Finding email address of bloggers

We wanted to know which email finder software can find the correct email address of 100 bloggers or content creators. offers a new tool called “Author Finder” which does exactly this: You add a list of blog articles in your niche and will find the author’s email address for you.

The results are limited as of now (June 2021 – read the full review here) so we decided to go for the classic way of searching for the author’s name + URL.

The best email finder tools are,,, and and deliver the worst results in this study.

Finding emails of online marketers for link building and content promotion

Fiding Online Marketers email address

Which software finds the correct email address of some of the top 100 online marketers?

In general, most email finder software did a great job in this category and were able to find most email addresses.

There is no clear favorite so you can go with most email finder tools.

One that is not recommended for this topic is as it was the only email finder tool that found less than 70% of the email addresses with less than 50% valid emails.

Finding emails of charity foundations to raise funding

Finding harity foudations email address

If you have a charity project and want to get support and funding from some of the 100 biggest charity foundations, these results are just for you.

The results are very diverse.

The best email finder tools are,,, or to find emails from charity foundations. finds by far the least number of emails. But also and find less than 60% of correct email addresses.

Finding Rich & Famous people’s email addresses

Finding rich and famous email address

Out of curiosity, we wondered if any email finder tool can find results for the rich and famous people of the world. 

From the richest people like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Tesla’s Elon Musk, or famous singers like Madonna or Justin Bieber, actors like Leonardo DiCaprio or Sylvester Stallone, sports stars like Floyd Mayweather or Roger Federer or politicians like Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

The results were, as expected, not great. None were able to find more than 40% valid email address

The best in this field are,, or by had a hard time finding more than a handful of email addresses.

Email Enrichment - If you need certain information

An email is worthless without context. 

If you don’t know who Jeff Bezos from Amazon is, it wouldn’t help you to know that his email address is (or was it

Especially in sales, it’s helpful to get some more information about your prospect.

What’s the prospect’s job? How big is the company? Where do they live and work? 

The more information you can gather about a lead, the better it is for your outreach campaign.

We analyzed which email finder company offers the most information about your lead.

In this chart you can see that, and offer the most email enrichments.

Whereas,,, and do not offer more than the basic information.

Domain Search - Who can find the most prospects of a company?

Most but not all email finder tools offer to find prospects by the company’s URL. 

You type in your desired company and your email finder software delivers all potential prospects’ email addresses.

We tried to find the greatest number of email addresses for both big companies like or, medium-sized companies like or nd small companies like or

On average, 440329 emails from 93 out of 100 domains (93%) were found by email finder software.

Domain Search - Amount of Email Addresses Found with 1.200.138 found the most number of email addresses followed by with 1.112.603 and with 940.517 emails found on all 100 domains.

On the opposite side of things, found only 15.589 emails, only 4.628 emails, and 1.060 emails in total. 

There is a huge gap between finding thousands of emails and more than a million emails!

This is very likely since both, and partly also tend to go in the direction of having a huge B2B Email Database where many of these contacts are stored.

If domain search matters to you, we recommend going for more B2B Email Database oriented email finder tools like,, or

LinkedIn Email Finder - The Chrome extension to find leads on the go on LinkedIn and other websites

We will conduct a huge study about LinkedIn Finder soon.

In short:

Not every email finder software in this test has a chrome extension to search and save leads on the go while you are searching for leads on LinkedIn or on the web. does have a great chrome extension, maybe the best in the field. But it doesn’t work for LinkedIn.,, and work fine on LinkedIn.,,, and worked great both for websites and LinkedIn.

SoftwareWebsite Chrome ExtensionLinkedIn Chrome ExtensionB2B Email Database

B2B Email Databases - Finding prospects through job title or location

It sounds promising: Tell us what kind of person you want to reach out to and we will give you all the information needed. C-Level? CEO? No problem!

Some of the email finder software tested in this study do have a bigger Email Database where you can search e.g. job title, industry, or location. and both have a great Database, but also,, and offer some sort of searching by job title or similar. 

In the near future we will conduct an in-depth study about these kind of email finder tools.

Pricing - how much should you pay for an email finder software?

It depends on what your needs are. 

Software with a big B2B Database like or, where you can search for job title, industry, or similar, tend to be way more expensive than the classic email finders like or

Average Pricing for Email Finder Software searching for Email + URL

Number of Email AddressesMedian $$ Per Lead

You can see on this table the median price for all email finder tools in this study, both for the number of email addresses and how much you pay on average per lead.

If you need 1000 email addresses you would pay around 49$, if you need 5000 email addresses it would be around 99$ and 10000 email addresses cost around 170$.

Cheapest Email Finder Software

Depending on how many emails you need to find these are the cheapest options in our study.

Number of Email AddressesCheapest PriceEmail Finder Tool
500$29 or Annual Plan,,,
1000$29 or,,
2500$49 or,,,
500079$ or,,
1000099$ or,,,

Find anyone’s email address for free

If you do not have the money to pay for an email finder tool you can do two things:

      1. Use free tools like or Mailscoop by which we reviewed here.
      2. Use free credits from different email finder software.

Using free email finder tools by does not find too many email addresses, but when they do, you can be almost 100% sure they are valid.

Mailscoop by does a decent job. They tend to find fewer emails than paid email finder tools, but for free they are a good enough option.

The main downside of free email finder tools like or Mailscoop is that they do not have a bulk email finder option. 

That means you have to type every name + email individually into the tool to get a result.

This takes a lot of time.

Using free credit from email finder tools and and get up to 1890 credits for free

All email finder tools offer at least some free credits to use to try their service.

We made the effort and analyzed who currently offers the most free credits.


Email Finder ToolNumber of Free Credits

Final Summary - Our recommendations

We personally were surprised about many of the findings. 

Shockingly, the top dog of email finder tools, did not perform that well. and seemed at first to be the clear winners because they found all of the email addresses every single time. But considering that a lot of the leads will end up in a bounced email and might hurt your domain reputation, you should be careful about using them.

We were disappointed about the results we got from which performed poorly in many categories.

There is NOT ONE STOP SOLUTION we recommend. It all depends on your goal.

If you are looking for the full package, one that can both find Emails by Name + URL, has a decent LinkedIn Email Finder and a big B2B Email Database check out,, or

If a LinkedIn Email Finder is the most important to you, then check out,, or

If you want to find leads on the go from normal websites, or have the best chrome extensions.

Overall, based on this study, we would recommend, (even though we don’t like their UX),,, or seems to be promising as a newcomer if only they would better clarify how valid an email address is.

If you are into sales checkout,, and

If you want to find a journalists’ email addresses, check out,,,, or 

If you are a startup and want to find investors or business angels, check out,, or

If you are a recruiter or in Human Resources check out and

If you do content outreach, check out,,, or

If you are an online marketer and want to reach out to your colleagues all email finder tools work fine.

If you are a charity organization looking for funding from charity foundations check out,,, or to find their email addresses

If you want to find rich and famous people’s email addresses you will have a hard time in general. Good luck with that ;)

Now It's Your Turn

What do you think? What has been your experience with email finder tools?

And what kind of study should we do next?

Should we focus on a LinkedIn Email Finder like or B2B Email Databases like Should we broaden this study and include more email finder tools?

Leave a comment on what kind of study you would love to see next.

Torge Janiesch

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He loves to analyze and test software and give honest reviews and good content.